JTL Carbon Farming Consultancy Ltd is a company run by Jason and Karin Loveridge set up in 2010 to provide a service to rural landholders, farmers, the forestry sector, and investors for all aspects of  carbon farming and sustainable land management issues. 

The goal is to provide the best possible advice to maximise land use and promote the opportunities that each landholding may have with a focus on carbon farming.

Jason Loveridge has a background in  agriculture having come from a family with a deer farm in Taranaki. Following his  graduation  from Lincoln University with a Diploma in Farm Management and a Bachelor of Commerce in Agriculture, he has worked on farms in the South Island, England and Switzerland. 

For 10 years he worked in the sustainable land management field in the eastern hill country of Taranaki promoting sustainable land use which included all aspects of a farming operation -  the social, economic and physical components. His main expertise are in soil conservation, forestry - exotic and native, sustainable land management issues land use capability, mapping (matching land use to land type), and an expert in the Forestry Emissions Trading Scheme, Permanent Forest Sink Initiative and Agriculture in the Emissions Trading Scheme. 

Karin Loveridge was born and raised in Switzerland and educated in the hospitality industry where she spent several years working. She then moved to New Zealand to start a new life with Jason. In New Zealand she spent several years working for a local Taranaki firm producing  their soft furnishings. Children then arrived and time was devoted to raising them. She undertakes all aspects of the administration for the business.

We are a registered Forest Adviser (Specialist Category)

Registration Number: 00001424

Specialist Category. This means you can provide advice on one or all of forestry services listed under s63M of the Forests Act 1949: (a) giving advice that relates to—(select relevant services) (i) the establishment, management, or protection of a forest: (ii) the management or protection of land used, or intended to be used, for any purpose in connection with a forest or proposed forest: (iii) the appraisal, harvest, sale, or utilisation of timber or other forest produce: (iv) the appraisal of a forest, forest land, or other forestry sector assets: (v) the application of the emissions trading scheme to forestry activities (within the meaning of the Climate Change Response Act 2002): (vi) the beneficial effects of forests (including, for example, how they contribute to environmental and economic outcomes): (b) acting on behalf of another person in relation to their sale or purchase of timber or other forest produce: (c) making inspections or preparing reports in connection with another forestry adviser service: (d) any other service identified as a forestry adviser service by regulations made under section 63ZZE(b).